Earlier in the year Visit Britain launched the 'Britain You're Invited' campaign. The campaign will be a huge benefit to small businesses around the country and will encourage people from around the globe to explore the countryside and mountains of the UK.
The campaign will last for four years but should (hopefully) leave a lasting (positive) impact on the British tourism industry. As an extra incentive for people living in the UK to take a holiday at home they are offering 20.12% off of all holidays in the UK.

To promote the campaign they have released a video which features British celebrities and some stunning landscapes... 
Let us know what you think about the new campaign. Comment below... 
19/8/2013 02:27:23

Thanks for sharing some information about the 'Britain You're Invited' campaign. I am able to get in familiar with more details about this now and the video featuring British celebrities and snaps from the nature was truly awesome.


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