Speed climbing, lead climbing and bouldering are all sports that are being considered for Olympic status in 2020. This announcement came on the 9th March by the International Federation of Sport Climbing (IFSC) after a group of International Olympic Committee (IOC) representatives visited the 2012 world climbing championships in Paris where lead, speed and bouldering competitions took place. This format will be championed by the IFSC gives its presentation to the IOC Executive board in May, along with seven other sports bidding to be included in the 2020 Olympics. The shortlist will then be narrowed down to 3 sports and the IOC's final decision should be announced by September.
The 'triathlon' of climbing would take place over 6 days with 2 days devoted to each discipline. Competitors would then be awarded medals for overall performance in all 3 disciplines. Previously the IFSC proposed lead climbing as a single discipline for the Olympics which was unfortunately later turned down. Here is what the BMC CEO - Dave Turnbull had to say...
“It’s exciting to hear that a combined event of all three climbing disciplines is being put forward for consideration for the 2020 Olympics. This will make it even more impressive to watch."

“Climbing embodies the Olympic motto perfectly and even more so with this combination: Faster – speed climbing; Higher – lead climbing; Stronger – bouldering."   

“The next couple of months are crucial for climbing’s bid. We’re a step closer to knowing what climbing would look like at the Olympics and we’re hoping it’ll become a reality. The switch to a multi-discipline event may be just what’s needed to secure a place for climbing on the shortlist in May. Fingers crossed.” 
Unfortunately this proposal came too late to be in the 2012 London Olympics but we hope to keep you up to date with this story.

Glasgow is hosting the 2014 commonwealth games and London is also considering bidding to host the 2022 commonwealth games: any chance of climbing being included in the commonwealth games too? (A little optimistic: I know)

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