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If you have visited this site before then you will have probably realised that we have a new theme again. However, we want to know what you think... do you prefer this one or the old one? (The old one is the one with the black wood in the background if you can't remember it.) Please take a few seconds to participate in the poll which can be found in the sidebar...
After around 2 and a half years since Mountain Hikes UK was set up we have finally reached position #1 in Google when you search Mountain Hikes UK. A huge thanks to all of our returning visitors, content contributors and help from Weebly (our amazing hosts) on helping us reach this position. We hope this will be the first of many milestones to come!
If you are heading to the hills this summer you will need to be drinking lots of water. However if you are unsure wether to take a hydration pack (otherwise known as Water Bladder) or an old school bottle this page will help you!