Exploring legend: Sir Ranulph Fiennes plans to  cross Antarctica in pitch black -70°C winter conditions. If he succeeds he  and his team will become the first people to cross Antarctica in winter conditions: albeit aided by bulldozers...
The expedition will probably be the 68 year old's last: leading a team across Antarctica in winter. In order to cross all 2000 miles of the continent they will have two bulldozers pulling the shelter, food and fuel for the expedition over crevasses and thin ice: dangerous conditions for two 20 ton vehicles.

The man himself dismissed claims that the expedition was too risky: saying "You just must not think about getting old. If you still are lucky enough to be able to walk around not stooped, no crutch, no Zimmer frame then you might as well go for it": words to live by.

The team of explorers will leave London this December and start 100 years since Captain Scott's death in Antarctica (March 2013). Captain Scott was the explorer who lead the British team to the south pole in a race against the Norwegians (who pipped us to the post, or pole). 

If all goes to plan then the team should have raised £10m for the blindness charity, discovered vital scientific information on global warming and arrived at their destination by Saturday, 21st September 2013 (international peace day). The team however will not be back in the UK by January 2014 (due to difficulty with travel).
9/5/2013 23:17:44

I salute Mr. Ranulph because as we all know it I not easy to go for an expedition to Antarctica in any season and he has chosen winter season for it! All the best for your works! Go on with new adventures and share the experiences with us!

15/5/2013 02:16:29

Antarctica journeys are always the worst and it is considered as the one of the most difficult terrain on Earth. I appreciate Sir Ranulph Fiennes for taking this challenge. You need years of experience to make this dream a reality. All the best Sir Ranulph Fiennes.

31/5/2013 05:15:39

I love travelling and I am very much impressed by the article regarding Sir Ranulph Fiennes planning to cross the Antarctic. He must be a legend. I wish all the best to Sir Ranulph Fiennes. Keep posting more new articles.


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