Earlier today a group of 28 climbers (roped into two groups) got hit by an avalanche on a long glaciated slope on Mont Maudit. The route they were attempting is one of the most popular but equally dangerous (often considered one of the most dangerous climbs in the world). Nine died (three of which are British, two Swiss, two Spanish and two German) and nine more were injured and flown to hospital. The tragedy is one of the worst since 2008 (when 8 climbers died in similar circumstances).  Four more people are still missing (two are British) after a search had to be stopped due to bad conditions. It is expected to be continued tomorrow when it is thought that the bodies of the four other climbers will be found. However, they could have easily been ahead of the rest of the group and as a result not under the avalanche.

We wish the injured a safe and speedy recovery and our thoughts are of course with the families of the dead.

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