The Ennerdale valley (in the Lake District) is famed as being a remote and beautiful place but it and two other locations are being considered as a place that nuclear waste could be dumped. Find out what you can do online, in a matter of minutes to preserve this amazing place for future generations...
For the last 60 years nuclear waste has been dumped in Sellafield, Cumbria. However, proposals have been made for a more permanent solution. That is all very well until you realize that they are proposing to dump the waste under the lake district. This could jeopardize the purposes of the national park and possibly ruin the landscape in years to come.

They are planning to dig a 10 km tunnel starting at Sellafield at a starting depth of around 300 m  and below the surface of Ennerdale water at 1000 m. 

Although other locations have been put up for consideration the Ennerdale valley is rumored to be a favorite. If Ennerdale (or any others) are chosen then intrusive drilling and surveying to check the area is seismically safe will have to happen before the tunnel is started.

Also, because of the valley's remoteness many local roads would have to be widened to allow industrial traffic into the valley a road way from Gillerthwaite to the top of Ennerdale Fell may also be built which would have to also be built on Iron Crag. This would lead to permanent scarring of Ennerdale Fell and Iron Crag and would have a large impact on the whole surrounding area too. A huge (about the same size as Carlisle) underground facility would also have to be built under Iron Crag and a surface facility would be built at the head of Ennerdale water, near Gillerthwaite. This could lead to pollution of Ennerdale water. All of which could threaten this area of Cumbria's inclusion in the Lake District National Park.

To stop this the BMC have set up a petition to help prevent nuclear waste being dumped in the lakes. Help them get to the needed total!
15/8/2013 20:57:11

The post on the nuclear dumps in lakes was really an eye opener. What I don’t understand is why human beings are causing harm to the Mother Nature in the name of development and selfish needs. Keep up your fight.


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