You may remember back in July there was a fatal avalanche in the Alps. Today we heard the news that 9 climbers where killed and 6 more are missing in an Avalanche on the worlds 8 highest peak: Mount Manaslu.  The dead are said to mainly consist of French but there seems to be confusion as to whether 6 or 4 climbers are missing; hopefully its the latter. Fortunately another 5 climbers survived and where later taken to hospital. 
On 22,950ft at 4am local time (Nepal) a camp of climbers was hit by an avalanche: sweeping them down the mountain. A Geman survivor said "I was so confused that I can't say how far I was swept away and how many people where in camp at the time of the Avalanche."

Due to the sheer height at which the avalanche struck rescue teams found it hard to reach the injured. Fog and cloud also added to the difficulty of the rescue.

The Nepal climbing season starts in September and ends in November: when hundreds of foreign climbers rush to summit the highest peaks of the world. If you are one of them be careful, take your time and don't become part of another statistic.

As always we wish the injured a safe and speedy recovery and our thoughts are obviously with the families of the dead.

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