Garry Goyle
A man is missing in North Wales: his name is Gerry Coyle, he is 65 years of age and is wearing a green fleece, green trousers and a wide brimmed hat with a camoflage pattern. It is also thought that he was carrying photography equipment at the time but this is probably in a bag or rucksack. He has been missing since Thursday 25th (25/10/12) If you think you can help the police in their search for Gerry please call North Wales Police on 101 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

Unfortunately Gerry has yet to be found and concerns are growing as no new evidence of any sort has been found.

Police in North Wales are asking for help after a 65 year old man from Rugby, Warwickshire went missing on Snowdon on the 25/10. Gerry Coyle is 5'3 tall of medium build, and bald with short greying hair on the sides and a grey beard (see picture above).

At about 11am he set off from the Padarn Lake Hotel in Lianberis: planning to walk to the summit of Snowdon. Following a text to his wife it is believed he decided to take the train instead (probably due to bad weather). He was later seen at the summit café but not seen since and he hasn't been replying to phone calls from his family.

Because of this emergency services were alerted on Saturday (27th) and since then mountain rescue and the search and rescue dogs Association Wales (SARDA) have been working tirelessly in an attempt to find him.

Again: if you think you can be of any help please contact North Wales Police on 101 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. But please do not venture off paths in the area: searching for him yourself as you will be putting yourself in danger since the weather is pretty bad there at the moment.

For more information please visit News Wales.

We hope that Gerry can be found safely soon and we will of course try to keep you updated on this story.
mr harry jackson
11/11/2012 01:08:02

I am gerrys brother in law I live in australia and would be gratefull of any news on gerry

15/11/2012 10:38:41

We have unfortunately not been unable to find any further updates on this story. We will post an update as soon as we find out any information. If you know any more important details on this story please contact us or comment.

29/4/2013 03:43:30

I too hope he will be back soon safely! I think it is not for the first time such man missing cases have been reported in the same place! Authorities should take necessary actions in the concerned matter!


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