Buachaille Etive More
Buachaille Etive Mor: a great Scottish peak with an amazingly hard to pronounce Scottish name stands guard over one of Scotland's most dramatic glens: Glen Coe.

And no they are not talking about the weather unfortunately.

Recently CNN voted Scotland as its hottest destination for 2013 after a year which saw the world's eyes fixed on England. Also 2012 was actually a pretty warm year for the north of Scotland whilst those visiting below the border got drenched. 

Whether it be because of Skyfall's scenes of Bond racing through the highlands, the newly opened Gore Tex Scottish National Trail (Gore Tex being an American company), the golf, the many outdoors events, the Commonwealth games in Glasgow in 2014 or something else. One thing is for sure: Scotland and possibly the rest of the UK are likely to see more of our friends from across the Atlantic and we will welcome them with open arms! 

Check back soon or follow us @mountainhikesuk for our list of some Scottish outdoor treats that everyone deserves to see or do before its too late in life.

Read the full article by CNN at http://edition.cnn.com/2013/01/01/travel/top-destinations-2013

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