Forecasters have predicted that this weekend temperatures may soar up to 27°C - equal to that of the hottest day of the year about a month ago. That means that there are going to be loads more people on the hills. So the advice is, stay off of tourist destination mountains such as any of the 3 peaks, Helvellyn (especially Striding Edge), Catbells and any others.

Also make sure that you are caking on the sun cream since you will be more exposed to the suns rays on the mountaintops than you would be in a valley as there is less shade. Also be sure to take more water with you or a water purifier since you'll probably be sweating quite a bit!

Apart from that, make the most of it and take some pictures of the great views you get. Tweet them to us @mountainhikesuk!
Britain on foot logo
We have stepped forward to support a new national campaign designed to get more people active in the outdoors, leading to a happier, healthier nation.  Britain on Foot is launched this week and is being led by outdoor trade body the Outdoor Industries Association (OIA), backed by a powerful combination of consumer organisations, outdoor companies, influential individuals and public bodies, including Visit England and Change4Life.  The Government is also getting behind the campaign, and ministers from the Department of Health and Department of Culture Media & Sport (incorporating responsibility for tourism) have voiced their support.


Joint safety message from the MCofS and BMC 

It will soon be Easter, but it’s still full-on winter in Scotland’s mountains.  That’s the message behind this joint statement from the Mountaineering Council of Scotland (MCofS) and the British Mountaineering Council (BMC).  The MCofS and BMC advise that climbers and hill walkers need to be realistic about the seriousness of the Scottish mountains at this popular time of year, and of the need to match knowledge and experience to mountaineering objectives.  
This Easter warning is being issued because:  
  • Easter in Scotland is popular with groups travelling from further afield  
  • Easter is quite early this year  
  • The current winter conditions could continue through and beyond the Easter weekend.  
Sadly this winter has seen a significant death toll on Scotland’s mountains, many of them related to avalanches.  Avalanche awareness should be a key component of planning a trip to the mountains over the Easter holiday period.  

Today: after the recent fatal avalanches in Scotland the mountaineering bodies have issued the following safety reminder. 'With Scotland’s hills and mountains currently at their most beautiful and most challenging, mountaineering bodies today (21 February) have issued a joint safety reminder, emphasising the need for preparation before heading out into the mountains.

Whether you’re out walking or attempting a technical climb, the presence of snow and ice adds an extra dimension to the risks and rewards of a day spent in our wildest environments.

The primary consideration of every expedition, whatever the season, should always be a safe return. But conditions in winter make particular demands: shorter days, low temperatures and conditions underfoot which can quickly alter.

Today Cumbria voted against the proposed £12bn project to dump nuclear waste in the area which threatened the Ennerdale valley. Thanks to those of you who signed the BMC petition: you've helped save the area for future generations.
Bidean nam Bian
Bidean nam Bian (the 3 sisters): a munro with many routes of varying complexity. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA
Snow has been falling heavily across the vast majority of the UK for the last few days so avalanche risks have been higher than normal. Just yesterday a group of 6 (3 men 3 women) climbing Bidean nam Bian were hit by an avalanche that killed 4 of them and left the 5th with a serious head injury. It is believed that the group were descending from a peak on the south side of the valley (near Church Door Buttress) when the snow covered slope they were climbing on (possibly a slope of Stob Coire nan Lochan) broke away and sent 5 of them hurtling down the mountain in ice and snow. The alarm was initially raised by two members who were not part of the party who found a body. However, the male survivor later alerted the police that there were still more people missing. A major search operation by Glencoe Mountain Rescue to find the bodies was soon launched in response to this, which later managed to find all of the bodies.

Buachaille Etive More
Buachaille Etive Mor: a great Scottish peak with an amazingly hard to pronounce Scottish name stands guard over one of Scotland's most dramatic glens: Glen Coe.

And no they are not talking about the weather unfortunately.

Recently CNN voted Scotland as its hottest destination for 2013 after a year which saw the world's eyes fixed on England. Also 2012 was actually a pretty warm year for the north of Scotland whilst those visiting below the border got drenched. 

Whether it be because of Skyfall's scenes of Bond racing through the highlands, the newly opened Gore Tex Scottish National Trail (Gore Tex being an American company), the golf, the many outdoors events, the Commonwealth games in Glasgow in 2014 or something else. One thing is for sure: Scotland and possibly the rest of the UK are likely to see more of our friends from across the Atlantic and we will welcome them with open arms! 

Check back soon or follow us @mountainhikesuk for our list of some Scottish outdoor treats that everyone deserves to see or do before its too late in life.

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Back in 2011 the Gleann Dubh-lighe bothy in Lochaber was damaged by fire and although no one died, the bothy was very badly damaged and only one wall was left standing. The fire was said to have been caused by a faulty gas screw on a gas canister which allowed gas, which was later ignited by a candle, to escape.

This week we learnt that the bothy is to be rebuilt by volunteers in April at a predicted price of £12,000 by the Mountain Bothies Association. Among the works to be carried out are the re-roofing, window and door insulation and sub-division into rooms.

With a but of luck this part of the Scottish countryside should provide a safe haven for walkers for many years to come.
The Ennerdale valley (in the Lake District) is famed as being a remote and beautiful place but it and two other locations are being considered as a place that nuclear waste could be dumped. Find out what you can do online, in a matter of minutes to preserve this amazing place for future generations...

For the past week heavy rain and high winds have been hitting the UK and it looks like its set to continue. Many weather warnings for heavy rain and flooding have been issued. Lots of homes have been flooded and there have already been fatalities.

If you are planning to go out onto the hills this week here are some tips to ensure you do not become another number on the list of fatalities...

Deal with Bogs

The ground was already saturated before most of the heavy rain started to fall so the heavy rain we have been receiving will make bogs twice as boggy this makes gaiters (love them or not) a must. A good way to see if ground is boggy before walking straight into it is to look for cotton grasses and other bog loving plants. If they are there then the chances are the ground will be boggy.

If you do have to cross bogs keep moving: don't do what I end up doing which is stopping to take a picture then realising you are knee deep in mud. Trekking poles will also help you to keep your balance so you don't fall face first into sludge.
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