Our climate is getting more extreme and you have to look no further than the UK last year: the wettest drought on record aswell as various other climate extremes across the globe. So, when we received an email about an info-graphic that has recently been produced to highlight these problems we thought it fit that we share it. You can take a look below: some of the facts are very shocking (its quite big: so you'll have to click read more if you haven't already!).

Bidean nam Bian
Bidean nam Bian (the 3 sisters): a munro with many routes of varying complexity. Photograph: Andrew Milligan/PA
Snow has been falling heavily across the vast majority of the UK for the last few days so avalanche risks have been higher than normal. Just yesterday a group of 6 (3 men 3 women) climbing Bidean nam Bian were hit by an avalanche that killed 4 of them and left the 5th with a serious head injury. It is believed that the group were descending from a peak on the south side of the valley (near Church Door Buttress) when the snow covered slope they were climbing on (possibly a slope of Stob Coire nan Lochan) broke away and sent 5 of them hurtling down the mountain in ice and snow. The alarm was initially raised by two members who were not part of the party who found a body. However, the male survivor later alerted the police that there were still more people missing. A major search operation by Glencoe Mountain Rescue to find the bodies was soon launched in response to this, which later managed to find all of the bodies.

Garry Goyle
A man is missing in North Wales: his name is Gerry Coyle, he is 65 years of age and is wearing a green fleece, green trousers and a wide brimmed hat with a camoflage pattern. It is also thought that he was carrying photography equipment at the time but this is probably in a bag or rucksack. He has been missing since Thursday 25th (25/10/12) If you think you can help the police in their search for Gerry please call North Wales Police on 101 or crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. 

Unfortunately Gerry has yet to be found and concerns are growing as no new evidence of any sort has been found.

You may remember back in July there was a fatal avalanche in the Alps. Today we heard the news that 9 climbers where killed and 6 more are missing in an Avalanche on the worlds 8 highest peak: Mount Manaslu.  The dead are said to mainly consist of French but there seems to be confusion as to whether 6 or 4 climbers are missing; hopefully its the latter. Fortunately another 5 climbers survived and where later taken to hospital. 

After the avalanche on Thursday that killed 9 climbers and left 4 more missing the search continued for the missing. When, at 7pm that night, the 4 missing climbers turned up in Chamonix, unharmed, as they had changed their route at the last minute and ended up on a different section of the mountain. A lucky escape from the wall of ice and snow that killed 9 and injured 9.
Earlier today a group of 28 climbers (roped into two groups) got hit by an avalanche on a long glaciated slope on Mont Maudit. The route they were attempting is one of the most popular but equally dangerous (often considered one of the most dangerous climbs in the world). Nine died (three of which are British, two Swiss, two Spanish and two German) and nine more were injured and flown to hospital. The tragedy is one of the worst since 2008 (when 8 climbers died in similar circumstances).  Four more people are still missing (two are British) after a search had to be stopped due to bad conditions. It is expected to be continued tomorrow when it is thought that the bodies of the four other climbers will be found. However, they could have easily been ahead of the rest of the group and as a result not under the avalanche.

We wish the injured a safe and speedy recovery and our thoughts are of course with the families of the dead.