Back in 2011 the Gleann Dubh-lighe bothy in Lochaber was damaged by fire and although no one died, the bothy was very badly damaged and only one wall was left standing. The fire was said to have been caused by a faulty gas screw on a gas canister which allowed gas, which was later ignited by a candle, to escape.

This week we learnt that the bothy is to be rebuilt by volunteers in April at a predicted price of £12,000 by the Mountain Bothies Association. Among the works to be carried out are the re-roofing, window and door insulation and sub-division into rooms.

With a but of luck this part of the Scottish countryside should provide a safe haven for walkers for many years to come.
23/4/2013 14:01:48

It is a sad new that Gleann Dubh-lighe died in the Lochaber on 2011. The disaster that is caused by fire is very much painful. The work that is done by the volunteers to rebuild the building is very impressive. Because it will carry his memory.


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