Its raining: nothing unusual considering its Autumn but this probably marks the end of the summer hiking season before we have to search around for ice axes and crampons. Many flood warnings have been given, many rivers have burst their banks, houses are flooding and this week generally looks like its gonna be a complete washout up north. Also, atleast 4 people have been killed so far due to the recent bad weather. So, be sure to make the most of any dry days we might get without risking life and limb!
You may remember back in July there was a fatal avalanche in the Alps. Today we heard the news that 9 climbers where killed and 6 more are missing in an Avalanche on the worlds 8 highest peak: Mount Manaslu.  The dead are said to mainly consist of French but there seems to be confusion as to whether 6 or 4 climbers are missing; hopefully its the latter. Fortunately another 5 climbers survived and where later taken to hospital. 

Pen Y Fan
Walking on Pen-y-Fan in the Brecon Beacons National Park, South Wales ®NTPL - Paul Harris
Going on a walk allows us to take a step back from our daily routine.  You can feel the wind in your face, the changing of the seasons with the long autumnal shadows, the excitement of coming across a beautiful building or the buzz from immersing yourself in a rich social history. 

When we go for a walk we follow in the footsteps of generations of people that have followed the route before us helping to bring alive the pages of history.  

This autumn the National Trust is celebrating this national love of walking and the way that a walk can peel back the layers of human and natural history.  The Great British Walk is all about sharing a favourite walk, taking yourself on a journey of discovery through history or finding yourself among the wonder of nature.    

Exploring legend: Sir Ranulph Fiennes plans to  cross Antarctica in pitch black -70°C winter conditions. If he succeeds he  and his team will become the first people to cross Antarctica in winter conditions: albeit aided by bulldozers...

The Scottish police have warned not to depend on phones for navigational purposes after a number of smartphone related rescues.  Read on to make sure your hike doesn't end with a ride in a mountain rescue helicopter due to something so small...

After around 2 and a half years since Mountain Hikes UK was set up we have finally reached position #1 in Google when you search Mountain Hikes UK. A huge thanks to all of our returning visitors, content contributors and help from Weebly (our amazing hosts) on helping us reach this position. We hope this will be the first of many milestones to come!
Not. Today we heard the news that (after the wettest summer in 100 years) the polar ice is melting. So what does this mean to us and could it be the cause of the recent amount of rain? The effects could eventually be very dramatic...

Okay so that headline may be slightly over dramatic but, after the recent rainfall that has hit the UK, several Cumbrian rivers are under flood warnings. Just yesterday half of a house in Egremont (Cumbria) collapsed into the River Ehen. For now the heavy rain looks like it will stay away for the next few days. However during the next few 'dry' days there will still be a lot of water flowing down the fells due to the sheer amount of rain that fell. For this reason don't walk on paths that are likely to be boggy and try to avoid river crossings (if there's a bridge then you will obviously be ok).