Calderdale & Stoodley Pike
Calderdale & Stoodley Pike ©Georgina Collins
The South Pennines are situated in the heart of England and can offer great days on the hill but are relatively unknown in the hill-walking world. For this reason we asked Neil Collins of the South Pennines Campaign Network to tell us more about some of the hill-walking opportunities of the South Pennines and why he and many others think that the area should have National Park status. A special thanks to Georgina Collins for providing the great images in this article: for more pictures taken by her please visit her Flickr site at Read on, I promise you will learn something...

Snowy Tree
Yes, it is supposed to be warming up but it ain't!
Forecasters have said that May 2012 could be the coldest May in 100 years. This could prove disastrous to amateurs and mountain rescue at the beginning of the hiking season. Read on... 

Just a quick update to let everyone know the times that the beacons will be lit across the UK.